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       Best Pricing on Bulk Agriculture Shade Cloth & Netting

We are USA distributors of high quality agricultural knited shade cloth or netting made in
We can have just about any size of knitted shade cloth made to your

Send us your width, length, color, and density requirments by e-mail and we will 
get back to you with a quote.
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Standard Agricultural Shade Cloth (least expensive)

1.      Weight: 43-45g/m2

2.      Color: Black

3.      Shading: around 55%

4.      Usual width: 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m. (In inches = 78", - 158", - 236". - 315")

5.      Usual specification: 

      2m x 150m/roll,  (6'5" X 492') or  about 3,155 square feet.

      4m x 100m/roll,  (13' X  328')  or  about 4,264 square feet

      6m x 50m/roll,  (19'6" X  164')  or  about 3,198 square feet

      8m x 50m/roll  (26' X 164')   or about 4,264 square feet

6.      UV stabilized, guaranteed for 5 years.

Price FOB Sparks NV  as follows:

             Container size order

2mx150m/roll  $175/roll         Less than container size order  $215/roll

4mx100m/roll  $230/roll         Less than container size order  $290/roll

6mx50m/roll   $175/roll          Less than container size order  $215/roll

8mx50m/roll   $230/roll          Less than container size order  $290/roll  

Example of 8m (26' wide) roll X 50m (164' long) ....(4,305 sq ft at  $0.05/sqft)

(Or $1.40/linear foot 26.25' wide... compare at over 4 times the cost)

20ft container capacity: (around 75000m2)

2x150m/roll  around 250 rolls

4x100m/roll  around 190 rolls

6x50m/roll   around 250 rolls

       8x50m/roll   around 190 rolls


      For large orders, just tell us the width and length of the rolls you need, 

      then we can calculate how many rolls can be put  into a shiipping container.

Delivery: If the cloth you require is in stock it will usually be delivered
    within 30 days. 

Different colors of shade net. is available such as Green, Dark Green,

For colors other than Black we need a Minimum Order Quantaty of one 20ft         container)

     shade cloth in use

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